In November - December 2021, large-sized heavy equipment "Capacity SPZAZ" was transported in the amount of 8 units, produced as part of the construction of a nuclear power plant in Akkuyu (Turkey).

In July 2021, the absorber was transported from the manufacturer's factory to the berth in Volgodonsk, with further loading on the ship, unloading and delivery to the construction site of PJSC TATNEFT.

Transportation was carried out in three stages: Cargo transportation to the berth of Taganrog, then reloading to the ship and water transportation to Nizhnekamsk, and land delivery to the construction site of PJSC TATNEFT

In April 2021, the lining of the reactor shaft for the Akkuyu NPP was transported. Transportation was carried out in the city of Volgodonsk with subsequent loading on motor vehicles.

In September-November 2020, maleic anhydride Synthesis Reactors were transported on the Rotterdam - Almetyevsk route.

In November 2020, the convoy was transported on the route Dzerzhinsk - Nizhnekamsk.

To transport these goods and minimize damage to roads, road trains were used in various configurations with low-bed trailers from companies such as Faymonville.

In September 2020, transportation of equipment necessary for the construction of Kursk NPP-2 from the Taganrog boiler-building plant "Krasny Kotelshchik"was organized and carried out.