Large-sized equipment was transported from the territory of the N. S. Artemov Tambov Komsomolets Plant (ZAVKOM JSC)

During this year, our company transported 75 blades for wind farms in the south of Russia

Multimodal transportation of large-sized heavy equipment "Capacity SPZAZ" in the amount of 8 units for the Kursk NPP was performed.

The "upper block reactor cover" for Kursk NPP-2 of the first power unit was transported from the territory of the Atommash plant to the construction site.

In June 2022, Trak-Service specialists transported large-sized heavy equipment on the route Rostov-on - Don-Tobolsk.

Transportation of large-sized heavy equipment was carried out as part of the project for the construction of a potassium nitrate production unit at Nevinnomysskiy Azot JSC

Elements of a thermo-vacuum chamber and nitrogen storage tanks were delivered.