Transportation of equipment

When opening new industrial plants or upgrading production lines, it is often necessary to transport equipment with non-standard dimensions. Such structures cannot be transported by conventional cargo transport and require a professional approach for safe delivery to the destination.

Great experience
Help with obtaining permissions
Favorable terms and conditions
Professional approach

Project loads include products that are more than 20 meters long and 2.5 meters wide. This category includes large-size machine tools, pipes, parts of automatic lines, oil and drilling rigs, tanks and other products. The company "Trak-Service" offers a range of services for the transportation of equipment on vehicles with low-bed loading platforms. In addition to selecting a platform and tractor, special permits are required for transportation of industrial facilities. It is also necessary to pay special attention to loading, placing and fixing cargo on the site, taking into account the load-bearing capacity of the axles and the correct distribution of gravity.

Five reasons to order equipment transportation from Trak-Service:
1. Always available low-bed platforms and powerful three-axle tractors for
transporting goods of any weight and size;
2. We will assist in obtaining permits for the delivery of long or
heavy structures to any region of Russia and CIS countries;
3. Experienced logisticians will develop the optimal traffic pattern
for vehicles, taking into account the capacity of highways.
4. Extensive experience in delivering large-sized equipment to corporate
5. Favorable terms of cooperation for legal entities and individuals.

Transportation of equipment by road is required − call the employees
of the company "Trak-Service". We will arrange delivery of machines, towers, pipes and other
oversized cargo to your destination quickly, safely, and inexpensively!