Transportation of yachts and boats

The need for transportation of boats and yachts by road occurs in different situations – buying a new vessel, going to competitions, setting up for repairs, winter storage, and others. Most of these items are classified as oversized cargo and are not suitable for transportation by conventional cargo trailers. All types of water transport are carried in an upright position.

Transportation in an upright position
The platform is selected individually
Obtaining permits for the transportation of boats in Russia and abroad

When transporting boats, it is necessary to pay special attention during loading operations. Each vessel has a curved bottom, and special supports and
additional fasteners may be required to maintain the integrity of the hull and rigging. The dimensions and
design of the low-frame platform are selected taking into account the length of the vessel, the height of the masts and
the shape of the bottom.

The company "Trak-Service" will perform a range of services for the transportation of yachts in compliance with all
safety requirements. The company's fleet includes cargo platforms and trawls
of well-known automobile concerns. When loading, specialized
hoists are used, the vessel is fixed vertically using a well-thought-out system of slings and
fasteners. We undertake to obtain permits for the transportation of boats, both on the territory of Russia and abroad. The complex of logistics services includes the selection of a vehicle, obtaining permits, developing a route, loading and securing the vessel on the platform, and accurate delivery of the product to its destination. If necessary, we will arrange for the convoy to be escorted by traffic police vehicles. For more information on the transportation of yachts and boats, please call our specialists or fill out the callback form.