When preparing for the transportation of equipment, a route was chosen that allowed minimizing the number of obstacles in height and ensuring safe passage along the route.

Transportation was carried out on the route Rostov-on-Don - Krasnaya Dolina settlement, Kursk region.

To minimize damage to roads during transportation, road trains were used in various configurations, including those with eight wheels on each axle.

Transportation of a vacuum desiccant for the petrochemical industry.

Bucket crane, bridge for coke. Before transportation, considerable work was done on the survey and arrangement of the route for these dimensions of road trains.

Transportation of sections of columns 10-S-1001 (Smoke generator), 10-S-1002 (Carbon dioxide absorber) for AKM Metafrax P.Verkhnechusovsky gorodki - Gubakha city..

Transportation of regenerator and crystallizers for AKM Metafrax on the route P.Verkhnechusovsky gorodki - Gubakha city.