Escort of cargo by a cover car or traffic police

When transporting oversized cargo, it is necessary to ensure the safety of other road users. To solve this problem, a column of heavy-duty platforms is moving, accompanied by cover vehicles. They include vehicles of security organizations or traffic police, the number of units can range from one to three, depending on the size of the cargo and the number of trucks in the convoy.

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Escorting by cover vehicles is mandatory if the length of the road train exceeds 24 meters, and the width of the structure is more than 3.5 meters. Accompanying cars go at the beginning of the column on the left side of the lead tractor, setting the speed of cargo transport, and also close the road train. According to the rules of the road, escort vehicles are equipped with flashing lights, reflective strips and an information board where information about the dimensions of the cargo is placed.

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