Transportation of military equipment

In connection with special operations and military exercises, it is sometimes necessary to transport military equipment – anti-aircraft systems, artillery installations, combat vehicles, etc. Such items are classified as oversized cargo and require special transport units with an increased load capacity. Trak-Service company offers transportation services for military equipment of any model and size throughout Russia.

Transportation of vehicles of any model
Transportation throughout Russia

For the transportation of weapons and military equipment, we use low-bed loading
platforms with a load capacity of up to 100 tons or more. They are delivered to their destination
by powerful tractors with two or more pairs of rear axles. Vehicles enter
the platforms via special ladders and are firmly attached for safe transportation to their destination. 

What is included in the range of military equipment transportation services?
- Selection of the tractor and loading platform for the specified dimensions of combat vehicles
and weapons systems;
- Obtaining permits for the transportation of oversized items across the territory of the Russian Federation;
- Development of the route of the transport column;
- Organization of support;
- Performance of loading and unloading operations, etc. 

To clarify the conditions of transportation and calculate the cost of services, call our specialists, send an application by email or use the feedback form.