Transportation of agricultural machinery

With the beginning of spring planting or during harvesting, the need for transportation of agricultural machinery to the fields increases. This category includes vehicles of various modifications-combines, tractors, mowers, plows, cultivators and much more. A significant part of the technical units are equipped with attachments for carrying out certain operations – sowing, weeding, irrigation, etc.

Full range of logistics services
Transportation to any point in Russia and the CIS
Transportation to any point in Russia and the CIS
Transportation by low-bed platforms

Many models of agricultural machinery are considered oversized cargo – special transport is needed to deliver them to their destination. The Trak-Service company offers services of transportation of agricultural machinery by low-frame platforms to any point of Russia and the CIS countries.

How to organize transportation of agricultural machinery without problems and breakdowns on the way?
Transportation of large vehicles is regulated by the rules of transportation of oversized cargo and requires a special permit. When organizing delivery
, it is necessary to solve a number of tasks:
- Correct selection of a platform for transporting a combine with the required dimensions and
load capacity;
- Obtaining permits and accompanying documents;
- Development of a route of movement taking into account the road capacity and
traffic flow intensity;
- Loading of transport units and attachments on low-frame platforms,
securing cargo for safe transportation
; Compliance with the speed limit and safety standards while traveling, and more.

If you are looking for a reliable contractor to transport a tractor, mower or other equipment to the place of seasonal work, please contact the employees of Trak-Service. We will perform the entire
range of logistics services from selecting cargo transport and developing a route to
unloading equipment at the final destination. To calculate the cost of transportation and get more information, please call us or fill in the fields of the online application form.