Transportation of special equipment

Every year, hundreds of new industrial facilities are built in Russian regions and thousands of kilometers of roads are repaired. This leads to an increase in demand for transportation of special equipment to the place of work. Road and specialized equipment belongs to the category of oversized cargo and requires a responsible approach to the choice of transport and route development.

Trawl transportation
Possibility to increase the width of the sides to 3-3. 2 meters
More than 25 low-frame platforms for any size

The Trak-Service company accepts orders for transportation of special equipment by trawl – a wide
low-bed semi-trailer with an increased load capacity. When selecting a platform
for transporting heavy equipment, the length and width of the loading area, the load capacity and maximum axial load, and the maximum angle of entry are taken into account. The small
loading height of the trailer for the transport of special equipment makes it possible to transport cargo in tunnels, under power lines, under bridges and viaducts. Low-frame platforms do not have restrictive sides, if necessary,their width can be increased to 3-3.2 meters with the help of special wideners. This is important if
it is necessary to transport road tracked vehicles – bulldozers, excavators, etc. Cargo platforms are equipped with trawls for vehicles to enter, trailers are towed to their destination using powerful tractors with 2-3 pairs of rear wheels.

If you need to transport special equipment to the construction site or to the place of road works, please contact the Trak-Service employees. We provide a full range
of turnkey logistics services – we will select transport, get permits, develop a route, organize loading and delivery of equipment to the
destination on favorable terms. There are more than 25 low-frame platforms for
any cargo size and tractors of leading automobile concerns. To calculate the cost of transportation and get detailed advice, call the company's managers or
leave contacts for feedback.