Transportation of oversized cargo

When building new or changing the location of industrial facilities, the task of transporting oversized cargo often arises. This type of cargo transportation belongs to the category of the most complex transport services and requires high qualification and excellent technical equipment of the contractor company.

Safe transportation
Special approach to the entire transportation process
Large selection of vehicles
More than 25 trawls of various lengths and carrying capacities

The oversized section includes cargo with the following characteristics::
- More than 20 meters in length;
- Weighing over 38 tons;
- More than 4 meters in height;
- Width over 2.55 meters.

Standard trucks will not be able to transport such objects due to the
limited size of the body or platform. If you need to deliver
non-standard products to their destination, the best solution is to order transportation of oversized cargo in a specialized company.

According to the current traffic rules, oversized items include building structures, rigs for drilling stations, pipes of various diameters,
industrial equipment, components for installing factory production lines,
units of special equipment, marine vessels, agricultural and special equipment, and others.
According to their technical characteristics, oversized products are divided into three categories
: heavy, long, and oversized.

Road transportation of oversized cargo requires a special approach to the entire transportation process, from obtaining permits and choosing a route to correctly fixing objects on platforms and observing the speed limit when driving. An important condition for moving non-standard objects on the territory of the Russian Federation is to obtain a permit for the transportation of oversized cargo. Without a permit, the company can be fined, and the cargo can be confiscated.

What do you need for safe and efficient transportation of oversized and heavy cargo?
An important condition for reliable and trouble-free delivery of non-standard products to the destination is the correct choice of vehicle. Most often, special transport units are used for such operations – low-frame platforms and trawls. Low-frame trucks include cargo platforms that do not have restrictive sides and can accommodate goods of increased width or length. Trawls are called semi-trailers of increased load capacity, up to 16 meters long and up to four meters wide. When transporting particularly heavy loads, transport is selected taking into account the maximum permissible load on the axles of the car or trailer.

Also, when transporting oversized cargo by road, it is important to correctly follow the loading rules in order to evenly distribute the weight of the product over the entire platform area. A mandatory condition for safe transportation is a strong fixation of the cargo in the body or on the platform.

Before starting loading operations, it is necessary to develop a route. According to the rules, transport should not create difficulties for other road users. When choosing a route, you should take into account the capacity of highways, especially if you plan to transport heavy equipment.

Trak-Service company accepts orders for transportation of oversized cargo by road in Russia and CIS countries. The company's fleet consists of more than 25 trawls of various lengths and carrying capacities. We will select transport for any category of cargo – equipment, special equipment, pipelines, tanks, production lines and much more. The range of services includes the selection of vehicles, development of the optimal route, obtaining permission to transport oversized cargo, loading the product on the platform and delivery to the specified address on time. The cost
of transportation is calculated individually, taking into account the distance of the trip, the model of the truck, the complexity of the work, the need for cargo escort, urgency, and other parameters. For more information and calculation of the cost of services, please call the Trak-Service company managers or fill out the application form on the website.