Year of release:  2021
Load capacity:  +/-71165
Number of axes:  6
Condition:  Under the order
Price:  0

Technical Data of Multi-Z-6L-AA-25AT-12.00-17.5-2.54
Speed: 80 km / h
Total weight ***: 92200 kg
Seat load: 25000 kg
Axle load: 67200 kg
Semi-trailer net weight + / - 3%: 21035 kg
Load capacity±: 71165 kg
Goose length±: 3,700 mm
Goose neck width±: 2,480 mm
Turning radius from pivot +-: 2,500 mm
Seat height±: 1355 mm
Working platform length±: 12,000 mm
low-bed platform width ±: 2,540 mm
Extension+-: 17 500 mm
Center distance: 1,360 mm
Height with maximum load+-: 970 mm
Air suspension+ -: -70/+130 mm
Total weight depends on the saddle load:
Special permission required: Yes
TechnicalData: (ID = 72)

Technical characteristics of the "SNT" jib (bolted connection), which allows you to optimize the length of the platform.
The length of the track is ± 3,700 mm with beveled edges at ± 45°.
Technical load: 28,000 kg
For tractors: 6 x 2, 6 x 4 and 8 x 4
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Working platform: Loading platform with double extension, length ± 12.000 mm.
Fixed intermediate table with width ± 500 mm between the first and second extension.
Pneumatic sliding lock, points for locking are uslineny.
All cables are placed inside the central beam and unwound according to the length of the loading platform.
(excluding one line for the first extension).
Axles and Suspension: BPW axles and suspension, all axles are hydro-mechanically thrustable.
Technical load of the axle: 12.000 kg
Air suspension with lifting/lowering crane.
A set of tools for servicing the axles
of Tires: 235 / 75R 17.5 3PMSF gable.
Selection based on factory availability.
Load index 143 / 141J (144/144F)
Brake system: Brake system in accordance with EU regulations with EBS-E system .
Lighting: 24-Volt, in accordance with European standards.
Metallization Metallization of steel structure. After welding and high-pressure shot blasting are completed, a layer of 85% zinc and 15% aluminum is applied.
Painting: The entire steel structure has been shot-blasted with metal balls, 2 coats of zinc-based primer, 2 coats of two-component acrylic paint based on the RAL color scheme
, silver-gray wheels.
Custom polychrome.
Steel Structure: High strength steel welded structure
* * S355J2+N/S355MC (ultimate strength 355MPa)
**S690QL/S700MC ( ultimate strength 690MPa)
* * S960QL (tensile strength 960 MPa). Welders are tested according to DIN-EN 287-1. Welding according to EN ISO 4063. Protective gas M21 according to EN ISO 14175 Included options
* Steel front side, removable, ± 400 mm high.
* One spare wheel with a holder on the front side of the track.
* Storage for gooseneck warning signs.
On the external beams of the jib, there are holes for screw-in mounting rings, the first hole is approx. 200 mm from the front side, the remaining dimensions - 400 mm.
2 pairs of screw-in mounting rings (LC 5000daN).
* One pair of mounting rings integrated in the rear of the jib (LC 10.000 daN).
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The goose is covered with durable wood grades with a thickness of + - 40 mm. Steel corrugated sheet over the turntable.
* Removable aluminum sides with a height of +-400 mm on the track.
* On a single track, 1 aluminum removable tailgate with a height of + - 400 mm.
* 2 " pin.
* Guide steel front plate with a width of + / - 500mm.
* 2 brake shoes with a holder under the platform.
* 2 mechanical stops, 2 speed stops +-48.000 kg.
* Connecting bracket from the tractor mounted on bolts on the frame.
* On the working platform and between the axles, a +-50 mm thick solid wood cover
Sliding locking device with a conical welded profile with locking every 500 mm for the first 3,000 mm. The remaining extension is fixed every 1,000 mm.
On the second extension, the lock is applied every ± 3,000 mm and at the maximum length.
* Article: (ID=8272)
1 pair of mounting rings at the front of the loading platform (LC 10.000 daN).
10 pairs of mounting rings in the external structure of the loading platform (Lc 10.000
* 9 pair of rack pockets on the external platform frame, for racks ± 100 x 50mm.
* U profile on the back of the rear trolley for aluminum ladders.
* a pair of stops under the rear of the semi-trailer. Maximum load +-45.000 kg per pair.
* Rear mudguard
* 1st and 2nd axles with pneumatic locking hooks (independent of load). (Adjustment is required for the second transport height).
* Electric hydraulic pump for hydraulic functions of the semi-trailer. Without connecting to the tractor.
* Anderson sockets on the connecting bar in front. Rema 78051-00 & 78027-00 (160 Amp. 150 V.)
* Article: (ID=11551)
* Remote control of the axles (without installation on the tractor).
* Two 7-pole sockets on board in the front
* * 1x NATO - BLACK 24N connector according to ISO 1185
* * 1x NATO-WHITE 24N connector according to ISO 3731
If your connector does not comply with ISO standards, please let us know.
* Under the track, front and rear of the chassis, on the left and right sides, 7-pole socket for powering lamps on oversized warning panels.
* One 7-pole socket on the back of the semi-trailer.
* Operation manual and technical description of the semi-trailer:
Offer Nr. 78-201124104420 Page 6/8
* Centralized lubrication system with two pumps, BEKAMAX brand, with NLGI-2 normal lubrication.
Removable protection for the centralized lubrication system pump
* If additional work is required on your tractor, please contact us.
* All connecting cables (electrical, ABS/EBS, hydraulic, etc.) between the tractor and the semi-trailer in accordance with EU directives are an integral part of the tractor, not the semi-trailer.
* Please note that any additional equipment increases the dead weight of the semi-trailer and reduces the load capacity accordingly.
* Optional 3.5-inch finger is supplied.
*1 tool box with one lid on top, mounted at the rear of the track 1.000 x 400 x 400mm (L x W x H)
* Flashing light holder on the rear of the semi-trailer, including 1 LED flashing light.
* EU directive reflectors on the rear of the platform.
* Hook at the rear of the semi-trailer.
* Low-temperature oil.
* 2nd control valve for moving the semi-trailer to the second transport position (max.+-50 mm) from the standard transport position.
* Oversized alert set :
- 4 oversized warning boards for Belgium ± 423 x 423mm, sliding by ± 400mm, with two diode lights and holders for flashing beacons.
* Yellow reflective strips around the perimeter of the semi-trailer in accordance with EU directives.
* Yellow reflective strips on the rear of the semi-trailer in accordance with EU directives.