Faymonville Multi-Z-5L-AA-25AT-11.00-17.5-2.54
Year of release:  2021
Load capacity:  +/-67400
Condition:  New
Price:  0
  • Faymonville  Multi-Z-5L-AA-25AT Low Bed Semi Trailer-11.00-17.5-2.54
    Price from the manufacturer!!!Belgium!!!
    Cost =188.000 euros at the exchange rate of the Central Bank on the day of payment.

    Our company Trak-Service LLC
    offers the sale of new and supported Faymonville and MAX Trailer trawls.
    Repair and maintenance of trawls, trailers, and trucks.
    Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo
  • .Technical Data of Multi-Z-5L-AA-25AT-11.00-17.5-2.54
  • Speed: 80 km / h
  • Total weight ***: 86000 kg
  • Saddle load: 30000 kg
  • Axle load: 56000 kg
  • Net weight of semi-trailer + / - 18600 kg
  • Load capacity±: 67400 kg
  • Track length±: 3,700 mm
  • Gooseneck width±: 2,480 mm
  • Turning radius from pivot +-: 2,300 mm
  • Seat height±: ... mm
  • Working platform length±: 11,000 mm low-bed platform width ±: 2,540 mm
  • Extension+-: 15 500 mm
  • Center distance: 1,360 mm
  • Height with maximum load+-: 970 mm
  • Air suspension+ -: -70/+130 mm
  • Total weight depends on the saddle load:
  • Technical specifications
  • Jib: The "SNT" jib (bolted connection) allows you to
  • optimize the length of the platform.
  • Track length ± 3,700 mm.
  • Technical load: 30000kg
  • Working platform:
  • Loading platform with double extension, length ±
  • 11.000 mm, with rear bevel ± 500 mm x 10°.
  • Fixed intermediate table with a width of ± 500 mm between the first and second extensions.
  • Axles and suspension:
  • Axles and suspension BPW, All axles hydro-mechanical, thrustable.
  • Technical load of the axle: 12.000 kg
  • Air suspension with lifting/lowering crane
  • Brake system:
  • Brake system in accordance with EU regulations with EBS-E system .
  • Options included; Steel front panel, removable, ± 400 mm high. Connecting bracket from the tractor mounted on bolts on the frame.
  • Two 7-pole sockets on board in front
  • ** 1x NATO-BLACK 24N connector according to ISO 1185 standards
  • ** 1x NATO-WHITE 24N connector according to ISO 3731 standards
  • One spare wheel with a holder on the front side of the jib. . On the external beams of the jib, there are holes for screw-in mounting rings, the first hole is approx. 200 mm from the front side, the remaining dimensions - 400 mm. 2 pairs of screw-in mounting rings (LC 5000daN). One pair of mounting rings integrated in the rear of the jib (LC 10.000 daN).
  • The goose is covered with durable wood grades with a thickness of + - 40 mm. Steel corrugated sheet over the turntable.
  • The track has removable aluminum sides with a height of + - 400 mm.
  • On the track, 1 aluminum removable tailgate height of + - 400mm.
  • i 3.5 " pin. Steel front guide plate with a width of + / - 500 mm. i 2 brake shoes with a holder under the platform. i 2 mechanical stops, 2 speed stops +-48.000 kg.
  • On the working platform and between the axles, the coating is made of durable wood with a thickness of +-50 mm.
  • Sliding locking device with a conical welded profile with locking every 500 mm for the first 3,000 mm. The remaining extension is fixed every
  • 1.000 mm.
  • On the second extension, the lock is applied every ± 3,000 mm and at the maximum length.
  • i 1 pair of mounting rings at the front of the loading platform (LC 10.000 daN).
  • 9 pairs of mounting rings in the external structure of the loading platform (Lc 10.000 daN).
  • i 8 pair of rack pockets in the external platform frame, for racks ± 100 x 50 mm.
  • Solid wood on the slope of the work platform .U profile on the back of the rear trolley for aluminum ladders.
  • i 1 pair of stops under the rear of the semi-trailer. Maximum load +-45.000 kg per pair. Rear mudguard
  • Electric hydraulic pump for performing the hydraulic functions of a semi-trailer. Without connecting to the tractor.
  • Anderson jacks on the connecting bar up ahead.
  • Rema 78051-00 & 78027-00 (160 Amp. 150 V.) i Article: (ID=11551) Remote control of axles (without installation on a tractor).
  • Under the track, front and rear of the chassis, on the left and right sides, 7-pole socket for powering lamps on oversized warning panels.
  • One 7-pole socket on the back of the semi-trailer.
  • Operation manual and technical description of the semi-trailer:
  • BEKAMAX central lubrication system with 2 pumps with NLGI-2 normal lubrication.
  • Protective cover for the central lubrication pump..
  • All connecting cables (electrical, ABS/EBS, hydraulic, etc.) between the tractor and the semi-trailer in accordance with EU directives are an integral part of the tractor, not the semi-trailer.
  • Flashing light holder on the back of the semi-trailer, including 1 LED flashing light.
  • Reflectors according to EU directives on the back of the platform. Low-temperature oil.
  • 2nd control valve for upper position, max. approximately 50 mm from the normal transport position, without installing the operation from the tractor.
  • Oversized Alert Set :
  • - 4 oversized warning boards for Belgium ± 423 x 423mm, sliding by ± 400mm, with two diode lights and holders for flashing beacons.