Year of release:  2021
Color:  Red
Load capacity:  +/- 63 454
Number of axes:  5
Condition:  New
Price:  0
Technical data:

Speed: 80 km / h
Total weight: 76500 kg
Saddle load: 23000 kg
Axle load: 53 500 kg
Tare (+/- 3%): 14138 kg
Load capacity +/ -: 62362 kg
Jib length: 3800 mm
Coupling height with load: 1350 mm
Working platform length: 9300 mm
Extension: 6600 mm
Center distance: 1360 mm
Pivot radius: 2300 mm
Maximum load height: 900 mm
Width: 2540 mm
Suspension travel: -55 / +145 mm

A pair of double-jointed galvanized steel ladders 2750+1400 x 800mm with a 48mm thick hard wood surface. Ladder with hydraulic folding parts and hydraulic lifting mechanism. The maximum load per pair is 50,000 kg.

SAF axles, 1st rotary axis, 2nd and 3rd fixed axles, 4th and 5th rotary axles with drum brakes.
Air suspension with valve for lifting/lowering.
Rotary axles with an electromagnetic lock activated when the reverse gear is switched on, or manually.

Wheels 235/75 R17. 5 Choice of rubber grade depending
on factory availability.

S355J2+N/S355MC high strength welded structure
(355MPa tensile strength)
S690QL/S700MC (tensile strength 690MPa)

HRM (High Resistance Metallisation) metallization of the external frame of the semi-trailer. The entire steel structure is shot-blasted with metal balls, then applied with ZINACOR 850 (a mixture of 85% zinc and 15% aluminum).

Included in the package:
- 2-inch pivot pin
- 2 brake shoes with a holder on the front side of the jib
-One spare wheel with a holder on the front side of the jib
-Electric control of the hydraulic pump at the rear under the work platform
-Galvanized supports in the rear of the loading platform
-Metal hooks 20 x 20 mm located every 200 mm on the bevel of the work platform
-Galvanized sliding extenders, extending by 230 mm on each side

Installing additional options on request:
- Aluminum sides on the track - 4
warning signs of dimensions 423 x 423 mm, extendable by 400 mm with LED light
-Strobe lights for warning signs of dimensions
-Tool box on
the track - One removable (galvanized) mobile table with a width of 250 mm
-Decking on wideners made of durable wood
-Aluminum inserts for overlapping the span when extending the semi-trailer (insert length 1000/2000 mm)
- Lifting first axle
- Function of forced lifting / lowering of the axle
- Ramps for driving on the jib
-Side pillars (conics)
- Pockets for fittings on WADER containers (+fittings)
- Reverse lights
- Flashing beacon
and others.

Detailed equipment is discussed individually and sent on request.