Year of release:  2021
Load capacity:  62800 kg
Number of axes:  4
Condition:  Under the order
Price:  0

Technical data:
Speed: 80 km / h / 30 km/h
Total weight*: 69800 kg / 82300 kg
Seat load: 25000 kg / 37500 kg
Rear bogie load+-: 44800 kg
Semi-trailer net weight +/- 3%: 19500 kg
Load capacity±: 50300 kg / 62800 kg

Track length+-: 4 400mm
Turning radius from pivot +-: 2 800mm
Seat height +-: 1295 mm
Working platform length+-: 6 000mm
Extension+-: 3,000 mm low bed
width +-: 2,540 mm
Ground clearance when folded +-: 100mm
Maximum load height+-: 350mm
Rear trolley length+-: 5,600
mmRear trolley height with max. load+-: 950mm
Air suspension+ -: -80/+160mm
Center distance: 1 360mm
Width: 2 480/2 540mm
* Total weight depends on the saddle load

Gusek: Removable jib, hydraulically lowered and raised, length +-4.400 mm.
Jib with a bevel of ± 60°. Technical load: 37.500 kg For 6 x 4 and 8 x 4 tractors
(6 x 4 + 1-axle rolling trolley)
Side beams: Sliding side beams for super low platform "SUPER LOW" Design, length ± 6.000 mm, with mechanical locking. The feed lines are laid in the side beams and automatically adapt to the loading length.
Chassis and axles: Undercarriage external closed frame and covered with corrugated sheet. Undercarriage with bucket recess 750 x 250/330 mm, rear open. SAF-axles and suspension. All axles are hydro-mechanically
controlled. Air suspension with lifting and lowering cranes
Brake system: Brake system in accordance with EU regulations with EBS-E system .
Tires: 235 / 75R 17.5 (M+S) gable. Selection based on factory availability.
Lighting: 24-Volt, in accordance with European standards.
Metallization: Standard metallization of the semi-trailer frame (HighResistanceMetallisation). After the welding work is completed, the entire steel structure is shot-blasted with metal balls, then a layer of zinc(85%)is applied under high pressure/aluminum 15% in accordance with ISO2063-EN22063 standards.
Painting: The entire steel structure has been shot-blasted with metal balls, 2 coats of zinc-based primer, 2 coats of two-component acrylic paint based on the RAL color scheme
, silver-gray wheels. Custom polychrome.
Steel structure: S355J2+N/S355MC high strength welded structure
(355MPa tensile strength)
S690QL/S700MC (tensile strength 690MPa)
S960QL (ultimate strength 960 MPa). Welders are tested according to DIN-EN 287-1. Welding according to
EN ISO 4063. Protective gas M21 according to EN ISO 14175

The price includes::
• Steel front side, removable, +-400 mm high with beveled corners.
• Two spare wheels with a holder, on the front of the jib.
• 2 pairs of mounting rings integrated in the guznek frame (5.000 daN technical load)
* Jib with steel corrugated sheet.
• The track has removable aluminum sides with a height of ± 400 mm.
• On the track, 1 aluminum removable tailgate height of + - 400mm.
* Protective panel on the track above the control panel.
• Lighting on the control panel of the goose.
• 2 " pin.
* 2 brake shoes with a holder under the platform.
• Connecting bracket from the tractor mounted on bolts on the frame.
• 1 hydraulic traverse to support the jib on the tractor
• Pneumatic gun on a track for cleaning hydraulic connections.
• The ability to additionally install on the jib:
* Article: (58907)
* 1 pair of mounting rings in the middle of the jib (load +-10.000 kg).
* Hydraulic connection from the jib to the low-bed platform via conventional connections.
* Additional extension fixation every ± 1,000 mm.
* Fixed steel ladders in front of the low-bed platform.
* Mounting ring on the outer fixed part of the race shoes (LC 10.000 daN)
* Front and rear of the platform there is a pair of 10 mounting rings.000kg
• 1 pair of mounting rings hanging inwards on the front beam (LC10. 000daN)
• Load securing rings, each +/- 1,200-1.300 mm on the extension beams.
* Load securing rings every 1-200-1. 300 mm on the outer platform beams.
• There are cutouts for chains under each ring.
* Scallop connection between the rear bogie and the low-bed platform with expansion plates for prestressing or changing platforms. With electro-pneumatic-hydraulic connectors.
• 1 pair of mounting rings on the rear crossbeam(LC 10.000 daN)
• Above the outer beams of the platform: sand paint for better machine adhesion.
• 1 pair of rings for securing the load between the rear trolley and the platform (LC 16.000 daN).
* 5 pairs of load reinforcement rings embedded in the side metal structure of the back of the trolley.
• Rear mudguard
• Flashing light holder on the rear of the semi-trailer, including 1 LED flashing light.
• 2nd control valve for upper position, max. approximately 50 mm from the normal transport position, without installing the operation from the tractor.
• Electric hydraulic pump for hydraulic functions of a semi-trailer
Without connecting to the tractor.
* Anderson sockets on the connecting bar in front.
Rema 78051-00 & 78027-00 (160 Amp. 150 V.)
* Remote control of the axles (without installation on the tractor).
• Two 7-pole sockets on board in the front
* * 1x NATO - BLACK 24N connector according to ISO 1185
* * 1x NATO-WHITE 24N connector according to ISO 3731
If your connector does not comply with ISO standards, please let us know.
• Under the track, front and rear of the rear trolley, right and left 7-pole sockets for oversized warning panels.
* One 7-pole socket on the back of the semi-trailer.
• Operation manual and technical description of the semi-trailer:
 Central lubrication system with two BEKAMAX pumps with NLGI-2 standard oil. Protective cover for the central lubrication pump.
• If additional work is required on your tractor, please contact us.
• All connecting cables (electrical, ABS/EBS, hydraulic, etc.) between the tractor and the semi-trailer in accordance with EU directives are an integral part of the tractor, not the semi-trailer.
• Please note that any additional equipment increases
* the dead weight of the semi-trailer and consequently reduces the load capacity.
* 1 tool box 1. 000x400x400mm (LxWxH) with one lid on top, mounted on the back of the jib
• Wideners, 230 mm on each side. (without panels)
• Decking made of wood in a steel case.
• On the track, space under the expander panels• U profile used for
installing aluminum ladders at the rear of the trolley.
* Hook at the rear of the semi-trailer.
• Oversized alert set:
- 4 oversized warning boards for Belgium ± 423 x 423mm, sliding
by ± 1,000 mm, with two diode lights and holders for
flashing beacons.
• Yellow reflective tape around the perimeter of the semi-trailer in accordance with EU directives.
• Yellow reflective tape on the rear of the semi-trailer in accordance with EU directives.